Your path should be as individual as you

Imagine the your finger print, it's intricacies and complexity... you are even more intricate and complex.

You have been forming for lifetimes before this one, each one a journey bringing you towards this moment. 

My own journey has led me to believe that our path to wellbeing should be as individual as we are.

Over time I have come to see how incredibly powerful a multifaceted approach to healing can be - no one size fits all as they say!

No two clients will receive the same experience as we layer in a range of beautiful energetic practices to provide a wholesome and unique approach based around your needs.


Moving Meditation

Yoga offers physical, mental and emotional approach to wellbeing offering relaxation, strength, focus and clarity to those who seek to practice. 

Suitable for everyone, yoga is a wonderful way allowing the mind and body the space to experience deeper sense of self and of life.



An Ancient Practice

For thousands of years civilisations have recognised the healing qualities of natural crystals. Crystals possess their own unique healing gifts which are harnessed to balance the body's subtle energies and improve mental, physical & emotional wellbeing.


From the Heart 

True awareness is the gateway to change. Through insight and understanding in to who we are today and our experiences we can begin to build the foundations of a life truly worth living. 

This coaching approach encompasses elements of all practices including spiritual and self-development training. 



The Inner Knowing

Oracle cards work in conjunction the inner knowledge deep within us all, channeling universal energy and inspiring our inate intuitive power to provide guidance, understanding or clarity around a chosen area or question.

Readings can be tailored to you depending on how much depth you would like in your reading.