Inner Knowing

We all can relate to the experience of having a 'gut feeling', that sense that something is either really right or maybe even REALLY wrong. Whether we choose to honour that gut feeling is another matter entirely.

Think back now to a time when this was true for you, what would it have taken to listen?

Well for a start it would for sure mean over-riding the VERY powerful influence of the mind. In the interest of gender neutrality, let's call your mind Chris…. Chris is at work all the time, he or she is a highly complex character and is on call all the time; anticipating, protecting, processing and actioning millions of processes throughout your body.

Chris has evolved from a time when humans needed to run from predators, back then (millions of years ago) Chris was all about alertness, protection and quick reaction. Since then Chris has developed to no longer be on alert on the look out for tigers, it's more like shi**ty emails, avoiding an empty fridge and GOD FORBID - an ass kicking from your spouse.

So Chris takes front and centre role in order to keep us alert, aware and ticking over.

Over time Chris has assumed the role of Commander in Chief, without question. Often at the expense of intuition and inner-knowing. The kind of 'gut feeling' we experience when we just FEEL something is wrong.

Because science can't empirically explain what on earth that 'feeling' is as it can so many other things… emphasis on this important aspect of self has dwindled.

(Science is only JUST beginning to understand Chris, but that's for a different day.)

Chris is smart, but is also not so smart. Chris sees the world through the lens of experience - not what IS. Two separate Chris' can look at the same situation and based on each one's individual experience will interpret that situation in their own way, producing two potentially very different responses.

That inner 'knowing' is the sacred intelligence within us all; the divine guidance available to us. A simple 'gut feeling' might not feel like much, but it is a momentary call from the soul - the seat of our emotional intelligence.

Reflection in meditation

At the very core of our being, the 'I' represents the essence of who we are at soul level - beyond the layers of thought and wordly experiences that we layer in and call 'me'.

I like to think of the age old saying 'me, myself and I' like this….

Me - Who I am today, a culmination of thought/soul

Myself - My experiences that make ME the ME I am today

I - The essence of who I am at soul level, the eternal and unwavering I.

Any practice that taps in to the deep well of truth inside, our soul knowing, cultivates a deeper awareness of this divine gift and nurtures our ability to draw upon it daily.

Meeting each day with soul-led guidance allows us to truly act from the heart, making decisions and in turn action from a place of love and inspiration. Allowing Chris to take over is kind of like living your life from the passenger seat, going through the motions - allowing life to happen and cruising on auto pilot. Any time we question that, we start to awaken that voice within.

Meditation is a wonderful example of taking time out to look inward to the self, going beyond the constraints of the mind to tap in to a sacred knowledge. Not only is meditation deeply relaxing for the body's autonomic nervous system; it creates the space to detach from thought (the mind) and instead see out thoughts as sperate to us - a far cry from our usual default setting. Many of us spend our lives believing our thoughts without question or doubt, these thoughts then manifest in our body as emotions and physical responses leading to disease (dis-ease) and a drop in vitality.

Yoga is another incredible practice focused on harnessing the fluctuations of the busy mind (naughty Chris!) and accessing calm, focus and insight - all of which are available to us all in varying degrees of accessibility depending on the day/time and current experiences that are likely to influence our levels of stress and busyness.

Unlocking this powerful resource can have lifechanging influence; a soul led life is a truly whole life, one that is from the heart, true to our being and that allows us to realise the brilliance within - not tainted by Chris and his/her judgy tendencies.

If you take one thing from reading this blog, it is the important difference between 'knowledge' and 'knowing'. Knowledge is Chris' domain…. Knowing is You.

Investing time in harnessing our ability to draw upon the infinite wisdom within will change your life, fact. Not only do we begin to life with purpose, we lead from a place of deep awareness - no more passenger seat for my life thanks!

Seeing those I teach light up as they ignite that inner relationship with themselves is just the most amazing gift; I see people every week stepping in to the people they were born to be and reclaiming their life, often rekindling hobbies, activities and relationships that light them up and letting go of the 'baggage' they have been subconsciously holding on to.

I just hope that everyone is able to experience the same x

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