Mercury in Retrograde - A REALLY quick guide

We have all heard of it - Mercury in Retrograde. But what does it mean?

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This is a quick beginners guide so the next time someone goes "oh it must be Mercury!" - you have SOME clue what they are talking about.

So little bit of astronomy ... all planets are on their own orbit path around the sun. Planets such as Jupiter, Mars or Pluto have a much bigger orbit than earth as they are further away, our earth in fact ‘laps’ these planets as we travel more times around the sun.

Planets like Venus and Mercury have a smaller (and thus quicker) orbit than us earthlings as they are closer - they will at times lap us on their journey around the sun.

The term 'retrograde' comes from a latin word meaning 'backwards' or 'backwards step', when we refer to a planet being in retrograde we refer to the fact that it appears to be travelling backwards on its orbital path as the planets pass by one another.

But this appearance of a planet moving backwards is an optical illusion.

Think of it like this... two sprinters begin a race moving at the same speed. Half way through the race one of the sprinters begins to fatigue and therefore slows down. That fatigued sprinter is still moving forwards - but to the faster sprinter's perspective their opponent is now 'moving backwards'. It's an illusion.

For planets closer to the sun than earth (such as Mercury), the same illusion is true but just backwards - the illusion happens when they appear to 'lap' us on our own journey around the sun.

It is said that the astrological traits or associations for any planet (not just Mercury) are 'reversed' during the period when this planet is in retrograde.

The god Mercury is traditionally associated with transportation, communication and more recently - technology. This is why you will often hear people refer to technological mishaps or communication issues as being caused by the retrograde of Mercury.

(this is where you are all 'ahhhhhhhh')

Some serious believers will actually advise against important action and decision making throughout the period of the retrograde.

So this retrograde lasts approximately 3 weeks, starting February 16th and due to close on March 9th 2020 - I mean, who has 3 weeks to 'suspend all activities'?! Life must go on!

Of course we could choose to see this time of upheaval as an opportunity. If/when all the 'chips are in the air' may well be the very best time to evaluate and plan for when they fall. It may be intense but this time of heightened energy in this area may prove to be a really valuable time to reassess the way we use, approach and view technology in our personal and business lives.

Communication issues may be tough to navigate, but could be the catalyst for positive change and growth. Think about it... what could use evaluation in your life?

There is A LOT more detail that I could (and would LOVE) to go in to but that's for another time, another post.

For now - go hold your own folks! You swish that "must be Mercury in Retrograde" line anywhere you like.

They will NEVER know ;)

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