Truth vs Reality - Spiritual Gangster Style.

I was talking to a client this morning about how self-development and higher consciousness play out. Our conversation really got really got me thinking about the separation between what we know to be true, and how that manifests in real life.

I will freely admit to anyone that there are days when I feel complete a** - that perhaps didn't require the swear implication but I want you to understand the gravitas of feeling here and a** is one step down from what I really wanted to say.

As many Therapists, Healers and Teachers will agree, there is a responsibility that we all carry to embody the values and spirit of what it is what we share. AWESOME, I'm down with that. But what happens when we slip? When we have a bad day? Is that even allowed?

Self help, self development, spiritual teachings, motivation, healing, empowerment - these are all massive areas or schools of thought and for good reason. There is a WEALTH of positivity and learning out there with the potential to change anyone's life for the better. Heck, I owe my life to such learning.

But I do not give two hoots who you are; Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson - do not be fooled, everyone has bad days. (Actually maybe not TR... that dude is hardcore motivated)

Does this make them a fraud? Does it invalidate what they have to say?

Absofreakinglutely not. It makes them gloriously human.

I believe that it's SO important for me to meet my students/clients in a place of honesty and transparency, to be a level with them where they understand that I understand. I have bad days and that's ok.

Having the knowledge and belief systems in place is not always enough; jeez life sometimes will just knock you off your feet in the most challenging and unexpected ways. That's what life does and no one is escaping that.

The key is getting back up. Recognising that you have slipped and having the tools in your handy 'life skills box' to bounce back - quickly.

Consciousness or awareness of what is, gives you the tools to not only bounce back quicker, but to shorten the time you spend disconnected from love/energy/purpose/flow - however you identify. Being able to consciously recognise this disconnect is the difference between a bad month or week to a bad day, morning or even just an unhelpful thought.

Arming yourself with the knowledge or learning of what we CHOOSE to believe is the path you take back.

So yes, it may seem like your Teacher or favourite speaker is Superman/Superwoman but I'm pretty sure they aren't perfect, they just have the belief in their hearts that there is a better way and the learning to facilitate that shift.

If you are on a path to higher consciousness or have any kind of vested interested in bettering your mental, physical, spiritual or emotional self then hear this.... FORGIVE YOURSELF for having bad days, let that bad sh*t go (yup - went there) this does not for one millisecond mean that you have failed yourself or anyone else. Don't drag yourself down for forgetting the 'right way' to be - congratulate yourself for having the awareness to recognise it happened then move on. Use all that learning for what it was meant for, to rise up. That's where the magic happens.

We are you, you are us, we are each other. We are all human.

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