My Journey

Let me start by putting it out there... I am most definitely not the finished article. Show me a woman who is, who doesn't have days when they want to bury themselves under a duvet and take down a Toblerone! 

But that's ok... because I am not going to be the one making you feel better - that's your job.

And girl, no matter how bad your bad days can get - you are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT the right woman for the job. 

I can't come to your house in the middle of the night and stop your mind racing or talk you down from anxiety when you start to feel out of control, that my friend is going to be you. 

What I can do is facilitate your own incredible healing journey; I can guide you through healing practices based around your own individual experiences and create a wonderful foundation that will last a life time. 

My own journey to spiritual practice began in my twenties; having experienced devastating loss, battled an eating disorder for nearly 10 years and thrown everything I had left at a corporate job that didn't love me - I cracked. 

I was stressed, deeply unhappy and had an unhealthy addiction to food & fitness that I now recognise as my need for control.

I use the word cracked instead of broken; at the time I thought I was broken but looking back it was the best thing that could have happened - I was cracked open. 

There was nothing else to do but surrender that control and trust in a new path. I found yoga and the rest is history. 

Over the years I have had my eyes opened to so many wonderful healing practices, some I resonate with more than others. I now practice and teach Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Healing and offer Card Readings. I am also Reiki level 1 qualified but for now this is just for me and my two fur-babies. 

I am extremely blessed to run a successful independent Yoga & Holistic Therapy Studio in Bromsgrove from where I teach and run my therapies along with other very gifted Teachers & Therapist. 

Outside of the studio I have a wonderful husband to share my life with, the afore mentioned fur-babies to run around after and more unfinished books waiting to be picked up that I know what to do with! Coffee and flowers are my THING - Formula 1 is my guilty pleasure and my friends & family are my world. 

I believe that I was born to help others enjoy their lives today. To live well with love, joy and inspiration - not to hide in the shadows.  We were born for greatness, not fear. 

If you are interested in talking through your journey and how I may help then please get in touch. 

Faye x 

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